You are film maker? You make film on Internet / TV / Big screen or OTT platfom? What ever it is if you can make a Film or short film or a Web Serise we will come you.

So first you have to know how Bindaskolkata Studio can help you to feture your film or content on our OTT platform. its very simple you send us your content and we will upload it at our platfroum. You need a strong internet connection, FTP acces software like FileZilla or CyberDuck both are free. You will get our account to upload your contents. You upload the video at maximum quality, must check it before upload. MP4, MOV or AVI files we mainly supports but you can upload in any video format you wants.

How you can submit it?

We have 2 types of submission process - Relished Submission (RS) and the Unrelished Submission (URS).

(RS) - If a Film/ Web series / Music Video - either already available on social media / TV / Theater and you have the distributions, authorizations rights you can simply relish that on our platform.

What you have to do is

  • You have to upload your content with the highest resolution on our FTP account.

  • You have to fill this forum correctly. That's all.

You can see how our paid customer-based platform liking your creation or you will get the idea of what kind of content you should make in the future. We will send you the RS reports as the month starts. Also anytime you can ask for status viewer's reports. We will share that via mail within 24hrs or as soon as possible.

(URS) - if you have Film/Web series unrelished on the Internet** yet. You can share the trialler, 15 minutes of the movie with us. Via Uploading that our FTP account.

What you have to do is

  • Fill the form and upload the movie.

  • Our team will review that.

  • If we like your work we will contact you so please fill the forum with correct and contactable information.

  • We will make the deal on OTT rights or Full rights.

We may take few days to decide we choose or not but we let you know as soon as the review is done.

** You need to signin before submission.

Benefits of RS or URS?

  • You can see the engagements so next time when you making URS content you make sure what kinds of content our platform customers want.

  • You found a better deal than other OTT platforms most of the time.

  • We will advertise your content for free.

  • We like the complete work always so you choose RS or URS we always deal with finished work. Yes, RS gives you more thoughts before investing in any project.

  • You can remove your content if you like just by one email. It's so quick and easy process after - 15 weeks you can move any content that belongs to you.

  • We always promote you on our youtube too,

Well, there are 100s of benefits I can count you on but it's a better platform for creators it's definitely what you can see. We encourage always the filmmakers no matter it's short or long or it's documentary or web series we always encourage you. To submit the form above.